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If You’re Reading This…

26 Dec

…it’s under one or more of the following circumstances:

a.  google has been hacked by 4chan and they futzed with all of the algorithms.

b.  your insomnia is keeping you up longer than a korean kid pursuing a world record score on c.o.d. (do they keep score on that game outside of kills?)

c.  you inhaled a grain elevator worth’s volume of cocaine in an effort to see every single page on the internet

d. all of the above.  (actually, the confluence of all 3 of the above developments is the only feasible explanation for you finding this.)

regardless, watch this space.  nothing at all may happen here, but if it does, you’re gonna want to be able to brag to your cyber-buddies that you got in on the ground-floor of this grain elevator of shit.

carry on.